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About the Owner

My name is Paul Lusk. I am a full-time knife maker and founder of and

My philosophy is simple: make the best knives I can and build my business by using the simplest and most intelligent ways possible, and teach you to do the same.

You may struggle with certain methods of making knives and how to sell them, and this site will show you several ways to accomplish your goals.

I believe the faster you improve your craft and build a thriving business, the faster you can reach your goals, make bigger contributions, and have a larger impact for yourself, your family, and others. is my way of making knife making training and business guidance available to you without the hassles of searching all over the internet or trying to find someone willing to show you how to make a knife.

You may not believe that you can improve your skills as a knife maker or even improve your sales, but I will show you, as I have many other makers, that it can be done with these simple techniques.

Please feel free to ask any questions by emailing me at

About This Site

You asked for it.  I made it.  "How to Make a Liner Lock Folder" is now available on the site!

We love our military, law enforcement, and first responder heroes!  Contact me at before you sign up for your special discount code!!!

Is this you?

You really want to start making knives, but don't know where to start.

You've spent countless hours watching YouTube trying to learn how to improve your skills, but you're stuck.

You try to sell your knives, but just can't make enough money for it to be worth it.

If this sounds familiar, then you know how hard it is to find TRULY informative help about knife making.

That's why I created!  This is your premiere all-in-one site for training and the support you need to start, improve, and grow your knife making skills and business.  Many people have told me that I should charge at least $50 per month, but for the price of a meal, you get unlimited access to over 10 hours of professional techniques that I guarantee will improve your skills.

Current Courses:

Shop Tour

Full Tang Design Elements

How to Make a Full Tang Knife



Mammoth Ivory

Tapering the Tang

Hand Rubbed Satin Finish & Mirror Polishing

Kydex Sheaths

Handles with Bolts



Hamon Lines

Hidden Tang Knives

How to Make a Liner Lock Folder

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  If you change your pricing, does my current fee stay the same?

A:  Yes!  If you sign up for one price, you will be grandfathered in at that price. If I decide to increase the membership fee someday, you will not pay more.

Q:  Can I watch the videos as many times as I want?

A:  Yes!  KMV is like a gym membership.  You can visit as many times as you want during your membership and watch the videos over and over again.

Q:  Do I have full access to all of the videos when I sign up?

A:  Yes!  You don't have to wait until your free trial is over to watch all of the content.

Q:  Can I cancel my membership whenever I want?

A:  Yes!  You can stay as many months as you want.  No strings attached!

Q:  How many videos are on the site?

A:  There are over 250 videos right now.  Each course is broken down into several videos categorized by subject.  Some courses have a few short videos, while other courses have several dozen.

Q:  Do you offer private lessons in your shop?

A:  Yes!  I offer a 3 day course in my shop.  I provide the knife materials and lunch, and you'll go home with a fixed blade with bolsters.  Contact me for more information.

Working with Zirconium

The Knife Business

More courses are coming soon!

“You absolutely can’t go wrong with these knife making videos!  They're great! These videos are high-quality and filled with good information. Paul, you really have a natural ability for making things easy to understand.” -Ron B.

Learn what equipment you need (and what you really don’t need), where to get it, and how to set up your knife shop.

“Paul, this site is great! There’s enough information on hand to get anybody up and making knives. The videos make everything easy to see and understand. Great job!” -Geoff H.

Learn all of the “dos” and “don’ts” of how to make outstanding knives. Shave years off your learning curve, and save hundreds of dollars in wasted materials by learning how to do it the right way!

“Just wanted to drop a line and say I have watched these knife videos and I am very impressed. The video and sound quality are great! I have been making knives for 28 years and I have adopted some of these techniques, and I am making a better looking knife and not taking as long for the finished product. Thanks, Paul!” -Michael Hinkle, Hinkle Knives

Get tips on how to improve productivity and how to increase sales!

“Before your guidance, I had never sold a knife for more than $250. Now, after employing the advanced techniques of knifemaking I learned from you, I’ve produced knives that have fetched as much as $850 apiece!” -Todd Allan, Todd Allan Knives (Disclaimer:  Your results may vary.)

Check out our site orientation video and see how the site works:

Coming Soon:

Working with Carbon Steel & Damascus

Here are a few examples of my work:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

WARNING: Making knives is a very dangerous activity. Please use proper safety equipment and common sense. Neither, nor its affiliates, are responsible for any accidents, mishaps, injuries, or health issues. You are assuming all risks and responsibilities by entering this site.

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